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Gipsy Trio Kalinka has become a quartet

The original group has been extended, making it possible to perform a wider variety of music and of course to improve the basic sound of the ensemble. Moreover, the difference in appearance of a quartet compared to a trio is enormous. This is mainly due to the great interaction between the musicians.
Gipsy Ensemble Kalinka
The group is now called « Kalinka Ensemble » instead of the former « Gipsy Trio Kalinka ».
Meanwhile it remains possible to book the band as a trio just like before.
(with only 3 instead of 4 musicians)
In some situations, even a duo can be considered.

The musicians of Kalinka Ensemble are :

  • The cimbalom is mainly used in Hungarian and Romanian gypsy music. The fans of this musical style will appreciate the typical color of this instrument very much.
  • The guitar adds an indispensable rhythmic drive, and at the same time enriches the music with new colors.

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