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Listen to the repertoire that Kalinka suggests for your wedding mass

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In a wedding mass with Kalinka Ensemble, a classical repertoire is combined with a lighter genre. Therefore the event is very stylish but yet in a relaxed atmosphere.

When the bride and groom arrive with their suite, the priest will welcome them at the entrance of the church. The moment they move to the altar, Kalinka plays Largo from "The Winter" by A. Vivaldi, in a fairly smooth tempo that comes together with the movement of that moment.
The music stops when everybody sits down.Gipsy Ensemble Kalinka in church
After the readings, you can choose one of the following pieces :

After the wedding ceremony, La vie en rose is played: the bride and groom have said “I do” and this music underlines the happiness that they feel - meanwhile the marriage register is signed.

The Offertory is a moment for classical music, the famous Air by J.S. Bach.
Gipsy Ensemble Kalinka wedding mass
During the Communion there is also some classical music: Méditation, the instrumental high point from the opera "Thaïs" by J. Massenet, in which the violin sings an ode to love.

After that the musicians move discretely to the exit of the church for the final music. Once the priest has pronounced the dismissal suddenly cheerful gypsy music sounds through the church (title : Mayi Tziganatchki), the doors open wide and the guests leave in a lighthearted mood, ready to party.
There is a double effect: the contrast of pure classical repertoire with the music suddenly coming from another corner.
When the young couple starts moving to leave the church, they can be accompanied by the famous Wedding March by F. Mendelssohn. If you think this is too conventional, you can choose for rhythmical gypsy music until the end.

This repertoire is only a proposal. The final choice of the pieces is determined by the marrying couple. We will gladly consider the musical taste of the bride and groom.

Finally we want to mention the cooperation of a singer as an additional possibility. Kalinka Ensemble has worked with several classical singers, such as Carla Schroyen and Christa Biesemans.


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