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Herman De Rycke, double-bass player of Kalinka Ensemble

° Oudenaarde (Belgium)

Herman De Rycke studied the double-bass with Frank Coppieters and took lesson in jazz from Marc Matthys at the Royal Music Conservatory of Ghent.
He started his musical career as a bass guitar player in rock music (winner of Humo’s Rock Rally in 1986) and as a double-bass player in different jazz ensembles. After accidentally being exposed to gypsy music it became his great love and specialty. He is the founder and the inspirer of the Gipsy Ensemble Kalinka. He also played the double-bass with “Mich en Scène”, the band around chansonnière Micheline Van Hautem and Frederik Caelen, with whom he went on several tours in Australia.

Herman De Rycke

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