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Kalinka Ensemble extended

Although an appearance with the basic quartet is already a unique experience, an extensive gypsy orchestra adds a lot of extra flair and charisma to your party : each extra musician or singer adds another dimension and helps to create more variety in repertoire and sound.
Kalinka quintet Emilia Walcourt
There are a lot of possibilities to extend Kalinka Ensemble vocal as well as instrumental.
Some examples:

  • The Bulgarian gypsy singer and violinist Emilia Kirova can provide a whirling spectacle. She sings traditional gypsy music as well as compositions by Goran Bregovic (who wrote the music for different known “gypsy movies” by Emir Kusturica.
  • Koen De Cauter is the founder of the famous Waso Quartet. As a guest singer / guitar player / clarinet player, he regularly joins the Kalinka Ensemble.
  • Tcha Limberger (singer and multi-instrumentalist) is thé revelation of the young generation of Belgian gypsy musicians, and played on the CD "Jalousie" by Kalinka.
  • Kalinka also made a cd-recording with the Romanian panflute player Raluca Patuleanu.
  • Many other gypsy musicians can join the group. Kalinka can be expanded to a gypsy orchestra sounding like Roby Lakatos (on the CD "Jalousie" you can hear some examples).
    Possible instruments that can be added are the clarinet, the guitar, the piano, the violin, the viola, the cello or the balalaika.
  • There is also the possibility to come with a dance group.
  • Troupe Mystic

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