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Gypsy music at receptions, banquets and private parties

Kalinka Ensemble is ready to entertain your guests at the reception in a stylish and yet relaxed atmosphere of gypsy and Viennese music.
Kalinka quartet
When all the guests have arrived the musicians move between the guests and play or sing suitable melodies for everybody, anticipating the wishes of each individual, because most of the requested music is part of the very extensive standard repertoire of the Kalinka Ensemble.
Kalinka plays at the tables
During your banquet or dinner your guests have the occasion to request their favorite melody while the orchestra moves from table to table. The meal passes in a relaxed atmosphere of Russian ambiance.

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Kalinka is different from other live bands because :

  • they play acoustically without amplifiers so the music is never too loud;
  • the musicians move from table to table playing without a score;
  • the requested music is played with a smile;
  • because of the virtuosity and the flexibility of the musicians.

For a private party, a mixed repertoire is usually the best choice.
In addition to gypsy music, many other genres and well known melodies are played.
A few examples: Viennese music, film music, musical, operettas, light classical, French chanson, French musette, evergreens, some Jewish music.
Listen to this repertoire via the menu of sound recordings.


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