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Listen to excerpts from the CD "Jalousie" – Kalinka

  1. Jealousy - J. Gade

  2. Dve gitari  (Two guitars)

  3. Podmoskovnye Vechera (Moscow nights)

  4. Come, gipsy (from "Countess Mariza") -E.Kálmán

  5. In einem kleinen café in Hernals - H.Leopold

  6. The lark

  7. Ja vstrjetil vas (I met you)

  8. Sans discussion (musette waltz)

  9. Szomorú vasárnap (Gloomy sunday)

  10. Moskovskia okna (The windows of Moscow)

  11. Romance - Sandor Lakatos

  12. Scale csardas

  13. Méditation from "Thaïs" - J. Massenet

  14. Czardas - V. Monti

  15. Pangs of love - Fritz Kreisler

  16. Caprice - H. Wieniawski

"Jalousie" is the first cd of the Kalinka Ensemble (2002)

Sale within Europe:

The cd "Jalousie" is sold out in Europe, but you can still obtain a copy via, they have a few copies left, moreover they give a promotion (5 dollars + shipping cost).

An alternative is to purchase the digital version of "Jalousie", also via

Sale outside Europe:

The sale outside Europe goes through exclusively.
TIP: on their website you can listen to other sound fragments (different from what you can listen to here), there you will also find a lot of additional information about the musicians and about the music recorded.


Reviews CD “Jalousie” – Kalinka

"passionate, exquisite and just damn good!"

"Clearly impressed by a CD that I picked up by way of an offhand remark in a bio of Django Reinhardt. The author mentioning "Sombre Dimanche" and its power over the audience. I checked CD Baby and "yup, we have that" (who knows if it's the same work). In any case, Zigeunertrio Kalinka is evocative of Django and gypsy jazz, true to the roots and exceptionally talented. There are no bad songs and the talent matches the material. Innovative yet rooted. This is good music!
author: luxbndr"

You can read more reviews on CD Baby :

A few direct reactions from buyers:

"Hi Herman!
YOU really made my ears & hearth enjoy music You playin´! WHOW!!!I´m impressed!
Thanx in forward, for MANY hours of nice music!
Good luck with Your playin!

"encore toutes mes félicitations pour ce  CD....
"les fenêtres de Moscou" , entre autres, me laisse sans voix !!!
Sylvain Vessière"

"Où puis-je trouver votre CD de la Médtitation de Thais pour l'acheter? J'ai écouter l'extrait, et c'est le plus beau de tout ceux que j'ai entendu!
Edouard SKOPEK, Orléans, France."


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